मनोरथानामगतिर्न विद्यते ।
Nothing is beyond the reach of the desires.

The Jaipur Literature Festival

Described as the ‘greatest literary show on Earth’, the Jaipur Literature Festival is a sumptuous feast of ideas.

The past decade has seen it transform into a global literary phenomenon having hosted nearly 2000 speakers and welcoming over a million book lovers from across India and the globe. Every year, the Festival brings together a diverse mix of the world’s greatest writers, thinkers, humanitarians, politicians, business leaders, sports people and entertainers on one stage to champion the freedom to express and engage in thoughtful debate and dialogue.

Dr. Maheshwari was a speaker at Jaipur Litfest 2013.

The Times Literature Festival-Delhi

The Times Literature Festival-Delhi is five editions old and has fast risen to be one of the country’s leading literature festivals. An electrifying platform for a lively exchange of views on literature, books and ideas, the Festival attracts authors, poets, theatre artists, lyricists, scriptwriters, filmmakers and thinkers from across the country and the world. The exchange of views at this Festival celebrating the written word regularly make headlines and set the agenda for further debate. It only promises to get better and better as its reach expands with each episode.

Dr. Maheshwari was a speaker at the 2015 & 2016 edition of the festival.

Lucknow Literary Festival

The Lucknow Literary Festival is an international literary festival held annually in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India since 2013.

The Lucknow Literary Festival is an endeavour of the Lucknow Society, which is a non profit organization dedicated to the cause of promoting & conserving the culture, tehzeeb& heritage of Lucknow. The Lucknow Literary Festival is an initiative that acknowledges new literary talents, honors our legends, while restoring literary tradition of the past, Lucknow’s own unique heritage and also evoking the newer generation’s interest. The event is also replete with entertainment for the literary taste. While, on one hand, the Lucknow Literary Festival has become a hub of the glitz from all across the country, it also dawns the light upon Lucknow's own talent and gives them a stage to showcase themselves in our cultural programs.