शतहस्त समाहर सहस्रहस्त संकिर ।
Earn with hundred hands and donate with thousand hands.

Community Connect

Community Connect

“Each of us has a lot to give back to make this world better, more than we ourselves know“

‘Seva’ is an embodiment of Indian culture, an act of selfless service. We are all connected as humans and alleviating pain of others is a privilege. Dr. Maheshwari has always been passionate about working for a cause and contributing back to the society as he firmly believes that community connect is the core for any governance function.

Striking a perfect balance between his official duty and social responsibility as a citizen, Dr. A.P Maheshwari has been associated with multiple NGOs on activity based participation. He has actively been involved in uplifting the neglected segments of the society, addressing stigmas attached to mental health and chronic diseases, promoting human rights, helping drug addicts and catering to the needs of street children, senior citizens and orphans and widows of militancy. He launched programmes to connect with the community which were hailed by the civil society. Dovetailing activities for community at large with the soldiers who otherwise tend to operate in silos, has brought dividends for both. He has also led campaign on Fit India conjoining the concept of mental and physical health. His initiative for reskilling Divyangs for higher level sustenance and augmented physical fitness through para sports, reinforcing their self esteem has drawn much applause in the concerned circles.

It’s his life’s mission to steer the downtrodden and underprivileged out of their pitied casket and bring them to social justice.

Lung Care Foundation

It is my firm belief that there is no force equivalent to that of a civil society movement and civil society cooperation. Unless the members of civil society take a firm resolution, no amount of efforts of various stakeholders can bring about success. Today’s event is a perfect example of starting a citizen stakeholder engagement and creation of an action network on the issue of increasing air pollution and resulting health risks. And we propose to establish similar networksin other parts of the state and invite responsible citizens to come forward and join hands with government and other stakeholders to bring about a change. Clean air is one of the most essential elements for survival and existence of humankind.

Street Children

An opportunity to work with the UNICEF exposed the underbelly of crime against children. The economic, social and physical wand of sexual exploitation of children by various agencies and its numerous manifestations pushed him to work in this field. He has continuously been facilitating various NGOs from time to time and this issue remains close to his heart.


Cancer Walk

Divyang Empowerment

International Women Day

Organ Donation

Rahat Ghar Orphanage

Tree Plantation